Gio Media is a company created in 2017 to assist the independent artist. We provide artists with the opportunity to submit Singles, EP’s & Full-length albums to ALL major streaming services (including Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal, Pandora & 150+ other platforms)

We understand how important it is for an artist to receive global exposure. With our services, an artist can put themselves one step closer to their vision & have their music played around the world. In the digital era the world is currently adjusting to, music will need to be available to stream across all platforms ranging from large platforms such as YouTube and those that are up and coming such as Tidal. Gio Media can make your music accessible to each of these streaming services in no time.

It is our goal to cater to the needs of the up and coming artist determined to reach their peak. With digital streaming at an all-time high, Gio Media can put artists ahead of the competition by making their music available to as many cellular devices and as many apps possible.